Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ben 10 Watch

Candid Mammee------

One day last month, I was watching TV and Isaac was crouching in front of the TV ( near the drawer where we keep his colouring materials), so I thought he was doodling as he often did so.

A while later, I was curious as he was at it for quite a while already. Slowly and quietly, I went behind him and saw that he was using a green pen to draw a "watch" on his left wrist! I asked him what was that and he said, "Mummy, this is my Ben 10 watch!" And he even drew buttons on them!. Then he pretended to press on the watch and he "changed" into Four Arms, Diamond Head etc...

I'm really touched and amazed at how he finds ways to fulfil his desire. Isaac had been talking about this watch for one whole year already. His classmate had it and he requested before. The original costs $49 (has sounds) and fake one costs $10 (no sounds). I decided not to get him one. I told him it's very expensive and we don't have a budget for it. (I didn't want to get him a fake one as his classmates may tease him. His classmate had expensive original toys.)

This incident reminds me to be creative with fulfulling our wants. And yes, even children have to learn about delayed gratification.

p/s: Anyway, I promised him that he will receive one this Christmas yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Candee Mummy,

You testimony is short and sweet, like one of those anecdotes pastor will use on the pulpit type.

Anyway yah just to add on to it, i rem i shared with our team how dating can be quite irritating sometimes. (Yes its fun but can be very irritating....) And I am sure some of our cellies are also praying to meet the right one, eh? :)

Anyway, in a rather masochistic manner, I am actually at peace with singlehood, because yes it is delayed gratification, but as God revealed to me the other day, holding back something (not in a negative sense) that I want is also a means which draws me closer to him. I mean if my life fell nicely into place, the urge to come at the feet of Jesus and really seek his face and peace would not be there. And yes, my earthly flesh agrees.

Cheers, 9-points (thick-skinned)