Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Guilty" Song: Alabastar Box

This was the beautiful song that was sung during Guilty!

It's called "Alabastar Box" but during Guilty, we changed it to Alabastar Jar.
i preferred the rendition that was done during our production, but nonetheless, it's a beautiful song! :) Be blesssed!

Moral Question

I was watching Channel 8 series,this scene came up:

An Indian man in his 50s lost a 4D ticket. His number 8888 won $150,000. He was searching desperately for it.

His neighbours knew about it and they also went searching for it themselves. (it's a not-so-well-to-do neighbourhood). A young couple found it.

Question: If you found it and knew who the owner was, would you return it to the owner?

**your comments are welcomed ;-P
Candid Mammee

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

He Lives!

Our church Easter song and I love it very much! Very much ministered I should say... So I searched thru the webby and found it in YouTube! Though I couldnt find the mp3 format around. Anyhow, enjoy and be blessed! =)


Monday, March 24, 2008

Talking about Songs...

I hope all of had a great Easter!

I happened to watch S-POP competition last night and many songs sung and written were by the very pioneer batch of "Xin Yao", people like Eric Moo, Liang Wenfu, Lee SiSong and Lee WeiSong, Wu Jiaming etc... (I onder any of you young bros and sis remember, perhaps I'm from diffenrent era..ha ha ha)

I remember they had a hard time starting out in the 1980s when there were hardly any local singers and this occupation weren't highly regarded. Many people were "worshipping" overseas singers as idols.

However, many of them pressed on til today and wrote many inspiring great songs. They've even groomed younger stars like Lin Junjie whose extremely popular, Kit Chan (enough said), Stefanie Sun (enough said, Alex said she's EXTREMELY popular in Taiwan, her posters were everywhere). They've EVEN wrote songs for Heavenly King and other overseas talents.

As I watched how much they've achieved since they first started, it reminded me one thing....PASSION. Only with LOVE for our PASSION, can we persevere through hardships and achieve what we desire. The results may not come in a day, a month, a comes many years LATER.

Also it reminded the importance of COMRADESHIP, many of them celebrated their success with their peers and showed GRATITUDE to their seniors in the industry.

Most of all, this entertaining programme reminded me of Jesus and Cell.

Candid Mammee

Friday, March 21, 2008

Great Worship Songs!

Hey all,

Just logged in today to see if there has been been anything new. Somehow while I was listening to tracks 2 and 4, I felt that greater sense of inner peace in my heart that literally transdecends all understanding as is written in the Word of God and so I started worshipping God. Just thought that it might be worth mentioning that no matter where you are or what you are doing, God is God. Worship Him, you might actually be surprised at what happens even if we knew about this so long ago. Thanks for the wonderful effort in maintaining the web Alvin. ^^ The songs were really ministering. :D


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Challenging 2008

candid mama:

Candid mama been feeling very overwhelmed.

These few weeks has been interesting, meeting interesting characters of different sort. There's this man whom told me that IRR (i.e. Investment Rate of Return) of children is very bad, child rearing is a moneylosing business!? I immediately responded that you can't measure children with money. But I don't think he saw my point of view because he's calculative with everything though he makes $10k every month. I wonder if people who knows too much about calculating money is good for them this way.

If one hoards very cent he makes and not make part of his income shared to others who are in need, then I think he hasn't learnt about sharing.

Then there's this one man who threatened to sue me and remove my business license after I apologised for making a mistake and offered to make it up. That incident caused me to be in a complete daze for week. I was in total doubt of myself, my integrity, became absolutely hurt by the way he threatened and intimidated me, bullying me into admitting something i didn't do etc. I carried on with my daily activities despite of all these. Even my husband told me to rest but I decided not to let this incident affect my daily life.

I recovered only after meeting a longtime client who reminded how I've helped her planned her financials and she totally trusts me. It was then that I rediscovered myself and realised that that guy was trying to cast doubt in me.

I told another client of mine about this incident. He's a senior police officer and he said luckily I wasn't agitated by him. I could also have reported the incident to the police because I was actually conned into his office when he did all those things to me and I was alone.

Anyway, I've decided to let this incident pass and have reflected upon it. I've got be careful with my paperwork, be clear and sure in my purpose when conducting my business so that i won't be confused by others.

Thank God he's watching over me and things have been fine after that. These are just two weird encounters. If I carry on, you guys will fall asleep ZZZZZzzzz

tell you guys more next time..ta ta!

Happy Chipmunk

candid mama says...

well, with lola's contributions and all, it should make dear bro alvin very happy. During our last cell gathering at Yishun BK, our Bro Alvin said that he checks out this blog couple of times a day to see if there's any inputs or new posts. He has put in lots of efforts to decorate and enhance our blog, so now it's deco seasonal and very up-to-date and attractive. He felt kind of disappointd when there's no input from us lor...Am i right, Bro Alvin

Anyway, hope you're a happy chipmunk now...ha ha ha

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food for thought

Okie, in between Ps Gerald's sermon on Sunday....i mean i am the sort who catches main points of sermons, he mentioned you know how you should love God regardless of whether there are blessings in store, whether he's gonna deliver you from your current predicament etc......but for who HE is, for the relationship between you and God.

and it got me thinking,....i mean....ok yes I agree with him, but then, you see, its not tat simple. For all the people that pursue God, do great acts of love, relinquish the secular rat race for a life of service, aren't they doing it to build up riches in heaven, i mean that's one of their little mantras to themselves ya yeah in a sense, they are loving God, doing things out of good heart and all, but there is this niggling thing that it is not all that altruistic....its just tat its delayed gratification.

well....tat's me....i'm not skeptical, just thinking more than i should.....hahhaa........

anyway yeah, there is this one verse, where we should pray to be as wise as a serpent.....and in work, i realise its a really really fine line of protecting yourself yet not sinking someone else.....cos with all the competition, and politicking, and covering of really brings out the worst in pple, and its so easy to be either disillusioned or to just "lose your soul". I really what God meant when he said to be "as wise as the serpent".

Arghs.......the travails of the corporate rat race......

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Such a boo boo!!!!

~ Lola
Felt like such a blurblock just awhile ago, when I realised that my handphone was actually not SPOILT as i had thought for the past 3 weeks!

I have been living with my dopod pda handphone for the past 3 weeks, without any ringing sound when people called, inevitably i kept having missed calls.
So I thought there was some silly problem and was detesting the fact that I had to bring it for service (because there is no loan set and i can't live without my pda!!)

Lo and behold! My brother was fiddling with it, and found out within seconds that I had not turned up the volume control on the start page of my pda!!! it was such an obvious thing to have checked but can't believe that I was so blur ....

But i'm happy that i don't have to miss calls anymore, and that I dont have to live withoout my handphone for a few days :o) Thank God for that!

Anyway, this post doesn't need any replies....just thought i'd share what happened today! :)

Meanwhile, i just posted my 2nd decent composition....don't know how it give me your feedback :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Women Women Women...Part II

~ Lola

I must say that Mushroom's first post on the above was so very interesting, I had to create a new post for it to give my comments, rather than add a comment, lest it go unnoticed :)

When i read that newspaper article, i shoved it over to my other half with a 'you see? you see?" look on my face....He read it for awhile, and then casually put it aside with a "ya, ya, ya" look on his face!

Well, I feel that it IS true, that as pampered Singaporean ladies, there are many things we 'secretly' expect our other half to do...and they do get secretlly graded in our hearts and minds to see if they 'pass' or not.....especially so during the wooing and courting months.

To each of us ladies, we have established different levels of expectations over the years, through experience, and through what our friends share with us. But most importantly I feel that these gentlemanly actions should only be done IF the guy is truly willing to do it for the gal...and not because it's expected of him.

My other half does not like to carry my handbag (other than for reasons which are acceptable), and neither do I like him to...So, if i were to EXPECT it of him, he would not do it because he is not comfortable being seen holding it :) ...I'm fine with that reason...

Another example would be opening the car door. He did it for a few times early on in our courtship, but it didn't last for long..haha! He did say that he doesn't do it because it is not natural and, practically, it's faster for me to enter the car myself....!I personally do not see the REAL need or expect him to do, i can live with it....

However, let's say, if one evening, I'm TIRED and do not have a car....and he suggests that because it's out of the way, he'd rather me just take a bus or cab home....then I CAN'T live with the reason because my expectation would be for him to show concern and care and send me home no matter how inconvenient!

While I'm not implying that all guys with cars should ALWAYS fetch the gal home....but in my opinion, ESPECIALLY while we are still being courted, the guy SHOULD offer to fetch us around if he has a car, no matter how inconvenient for him! UNLESS we say no need la......(oh no! i'm gonna get stoned!) haha! :)

So i guess there are certain gentlemanly things that we might expect from the guy, but ultimately he has to feel comfortable doing it and only do so for the RIGHT REASON - because he LOVES us and not because he feels that it is an expectation set by us.....If not, these actions will most likely NOT carry on through marriage.....