Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Chipmunk

candid mama says...

well, with lola's contributions and all, it should make dear bro alvin very happy. During our last cell gathering at Yishun BK, our Bro Alvin said that he checks out this blog couple of times a day to see if there's any inputs or new posts. He has put in lots of efforts to decorate and enhance our blog, so now it's deco seasonal and very up-to-date and attractive. He felt kind of disappointd when there's no input from us lor...Am i right, Bro Alvin

Anyway, hope you're a happy chipmunk now...ha ha ha

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Chipmunk said...

Haha! Thanks sista mama for this post! Dun make it too publicise leh.. Keke.. ^^

Im a happy chipmunk now.. =)