Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Such a boo boo!!!!

~ Lola
Felt like such a blurblock just awhile ago, when I realised that my handphone was actually not SPOILT as i had thought for the past 3 weeks!

I have been living with my dopod pda handphone for the past 3 weeks, without any ringing sound when people called in...so, inevitably i kept having missed calls.
So I thought there was some silly problem and was detesting the fact that I had to bring it for service (because there is no loan set and i can't live without my pda!!)

Lo and behold! My brother was fiddling with it, and found out within seconds that I had not turned up the volume control on the start page of my pda!!! it was such an obvious thing to have checked but can't believe that I was so blur ....

But i'm happy that i don't have to miss calls anymore, and that I dont have to live withoout my handphone for a few days :o) Thank God for that!

Anyway, this post doesn't need any replies....just thought i'd share what happened today! :)

Meanwhile, i just posted my 2nd decent composition....don't know how it is...do give me your feedback :)

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