Thursday, March 20, 2008

Challenging 2008

candid mama:

Candid mama been feeling very overwhelmed.

These few weeks has been interesting, meeting interesting characters of different sort. There's this man whom told me that IRR (i.e. Investment Rate of Return) of children is very bad, child rearing is a moneylosing business!? I immediately responded that you can't measure children with money. But I don't think he saw my point of view because he's calculative with everything though he makes $10k every month. I wonder if people who knows too much about calculating money is good for them this way.

If one hoards very cent he makes and not make part of his income shared to others who are in need, then I think he hasn't learnt about sharing.

Then there's this one man who threatened to sue me and remove my business license after I apologised for making a mistake and offered to make it up. That incident caused me to be in a complete daze for week. I was in total doubt of myself, my integrity, became absolutely hurt by the way he threatened and intimidated me, bullying me into admitting something i didn't do etc. I carried on with my daily activities despite of all these. Even my husband told me to rest but I decided not to let this incident affect my daily life.

I recovered only after meeting a longtime client who reminded how I've helped her planned her financials and she totally trusts me. It was then that I rediscovered myself and realised that that guy was trying to cast doubt in me.

I told another client of mine about this incident. He's a senior police officer and he said luckily I wasn't agitated by him. I could also have reported the incident to the police because I was actually conned into his office when he did all those things to me and I was alone.

Anyway, I've decided to let this incident pass and have reflected upon it. I've got be careful with my paperwork, be clear and sure in my purpose when conducting my business so that i won't be confused by others.

Thank God he's watching over me and things have been fine after that. These are just two weird encounters. If I carry on, you guys will fall asleep ZZZZZzzzz

tell you guys more next time..ta ta!

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