Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moral Question

I was watching Channel 8 series,this scene came up:

An Indian man in his 50s lost a 4D ticket. His number 8888 won $150,000. He was searching desperately for it.

His neighbours knew about it and they also went searching for it themselves. (it's a not-so-well-to-do neighbourhood). A young couple found it.

Question: If you found it and knew who the owner was, would you return it to the owner?

**your comments are welcomed ;-P
Candid Mammee


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's indeed a really difficult question!
I cant say for sure 100% that it would be easy to return it...seriously...
But of course, i would feel very uncomfortable keeping it for myself. Maybe i'd put it in for Faith Promise for Missions!? :)haha

Anonymous said...

yeah I might donate a huge part of it to charity ...

Anonymous said... the bottomline is....we wun return it to the owner, but we would give a large part to charity to assuage our conscience....human behavioral science is indeed interesting.

- juls

YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

No, I would just return it to the owner. If it isn't yours, just don't take it. Simple as that. Doesn't matter if its a $10 million winning Toto ticket or a 50 cents coin.

God wouldn't want any ill-gotten gains anyway. He doesn't need the money. He just hopes that we continue to make the right decisions to the best of our individiual abilities.

~ Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's ~