Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food for thought

Okie, in between Ps Gerald's sermon on Sunday....i mean i am the sort who catches main points of sermons, he mentioned you know how you should love God regardless of whether there are blessings in store, whether he's gonna deliver you from your current predicament etc......but for who HE is, for the relationship between you and God.

and it got me thinking,....i mean....ok yes I agree with him, but then, you see, its not tat simple. For all the people that pursue God, do great acts of love, relinquish the secular rat race for a life of service, aren't they doing it to build up riches in heaven, i mean that's one of their little mantras to themselves ya yeah in a sense, they are loving God, doing things out of good heart and all, but there is this niggling thing that it is not all that altruistic....its just tat its delayed gratification.

well....tat's me....i'm not skeptical, just thinking more than i should.....hahhaa........

anyway yeah, there is this one verse, where we should pray to be as wise as a serpent.....and in work, i realise its a really really fine line of protecting yourself yet not sinking someone else.....cos with all the competition, and politicking, and covering of really brings out the worst in pple, and its so easy to be either disillusioned or to just "lose your soul". I really what God meant when he said to be "as wise as the serpent".

Arghs.......the travails of the corporate rat race......

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