Monday, March 24, 2008

Talking about Songs...

I hope all of had a great Easter!

I happened to watch S-POP competition last night and many songs sung and written were by the very pioneer batch of "Xin Yao", people like Eric Moo, Liang Wenfu, Lee SiSong and Lee WeiSong, Wu Jiaming etc... (I onder any of you young bros and sis remember, perhaps I'm from diffenrent era..ha ha ha)

I remember they had a hard time starting out in the 1980s when there were hardly any local singers and this occupation weren't highly regarded. Many people were "worshipping" overseas singers as idols.

However, many of them pressed on til today and wrote many inspiring great songs. They've even groomed younger stars like Lin Junjie whose extremely popular, Kit Chan (enough said), Stefanie Sun (enough said, Alex said she's EXTREMELY popular in Taiwan, her posters were everywhere). They've EVEN wrote songs for Heavenly King and other overseas talents.

As I watched how much they've achieved since they first started, it reminded me one thing....PASSION. Only with LOVE for our PASSION, can we persevere through hardships and achieve what we desire. The results may not come in a day, a month, a comes many years LATER.

Also it reminded the importance of COMRADESHIP, many of them celebrated their success with their peers and showed GRATITUDE to their seniors in the industry.

Most of all, this entertaining programme reminded me of Jesus and Cell.

Candid Mammee

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Anonymous said...

I haven't caught S-Pop before but i know that "Superman" always loves watching it...saying that it really brings back memories....

I guess i never quite listend to mandarin songs, so have no infinity towards it :)

But yea...passion definitely is important for anybody to achieve great things in life!