Saturday, September 06, 2008



Sometimes, my memories are overwritten very fast, sometimes just over a few days things and start to forget, so i think blogging will be great or even jounalling...

Thanks God for the great weather yesterday afternoon, as most of you knows that for the past 2 weeks, it was rainning everyday and yesterday morning it was raining too.

My company is having a team building event at Sentosa yesterday, so if it rains, everything got to be indoor, which i prefer outdoor activities. 2 few days earlier, i started praying for good weather, and God answered my prayer. Late afternoon on friday, clouds were clear and it was a sunny day , which is good for beach activities.

And i really enjoyed the team building, we had some indoor games, eg 10 and 5 cents game (bigger group), more interactive game. Follow by beach game, we are supposed to build a raft(given 5 big rubber air filled , ropes and a pillar), after that sit on the raft and puddle over the other side of the sea. And my team was first to puddle back to shore.

It was a great time and get to know more people, and meet up with the president.

There will be another team-building event coming up in Nov, which i am part of the committee, and i am looking forward for this.. hee hee..

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