Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bread and Word and The Little Things

Hi hi,

I was reading Matthew when Jesus said Man does not live on bread alone but also on the Word of God. When I went running, I reflected on this again.. Could it be taken literally? When you read the word of God, it brings joy and calmness so you will be less likely to suffer from mental stress or illness, or it will motivate you to undo some wrongs in your life and thus you will also suffer from less diseases. And also when you fast (no bread mah and also no nice yummy steak fresh prawns) and pray, you feel more alive ... Hmmm

I was very stressed yesterday because of little things. Little Things:
- A cat and a human gave my car a 30 cm deep scratch on the door.
- My new phone got ugly scratches on the screen and heats up within 5 min.
- My "boss" been acting cold. We used to be quite chummy. It is a he.
- I have a lot of unfinished planning but no time to complete due to long meetings.
- The Others shrunk my committee members.
- Unfulfiled promise of support by The Other.
- My miracle fren doesnt show signs of beliving in Christ.
- Severe lack of courage to share Christ with Miracle Fren and Wife.
- Severe lack of thickskiness to pester my family to go to church.
- Not able to meet up with SB due to clash in schedule.
- Change in pay structure leads to very high and precise expectations of performance to avoid conflict.

Then how? So I went to listen to Who am I? (not the jacky chan movie but the chirstian song) It is really true that I am only a flower that is quickly fading here today gone tomo. Not becaue of Who I am but because of Who you are. Suddenly, I realise that I have allowed Little Things to become a mountain and alevated my existence. But actually I am still safe under Him and that He is my master not the Little Things. Then I went to read the Bread verse. The lesson that I carried with me is Humility. Life is but a passing shadow (from Macbeth lor I think), make it meaningful and dun work for the Little Things . Let the Little Things work for you.

Acting Chim,

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