Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Day of School


I was dreading this day but it finally arrived. Please do not misunderstand that I hate my job. I am still loving it till this day but the inertia of working after such a long break is causing the dread. The night before, I was having jitters (my colleagues have similar experiences) and could not sleep. My fren asked me to read bible so I went to read Corinthians but I still could not sleep. It was already 1 am. I decided to write diary. After a long while of writing a four page diary, it was 2 plus am. Totally exhausted, I finally slept.

Today was great. I felt alive when I see my new "monsters" or "angels". I felt alive when I saw my projects coming to completion. I thank God for today. I thank God for His grace and mercy everyday. Today is almost over. May your today be a day you can thank God for. :)

SuperG(my colleague miss my mushrooms)

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