Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jay Jay Jay Yay

I guess I ran out of ideas at 1130pm of a less cheesy title. Jay chou is very talented and to indicate that I have not turned into a spirtitual "weong weong" (pastor dom's lingo) after 1 week of my 6 week tenet course (I dislike courses btw but I rather enjoy this one), I have decided to share with you Jay's new song called Rainbow. It is very nice with some tinge of saddness. I like Jay chou very much but I am not a crazy fan, just admired him from afar which means not spending money to buy albums but just enjoying his songs online or KTV or on the radio. I really think he is very talented although I am not very close to him to say whether or not he is a playboy etc ... I am just close enuff to say he is talented ...

Mushroom (nt trying to confuse you but the Mushrooms are back for CNY)

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