Monday, February 25, 2008

Women women women

I have decided to break the silence by writing in a post to entertain the faithful but equally silent blog checkers. Another reason would also be the fact that I am on medical leave as I was suffering from severe diarr (I can sense the toilet beckoning me again). That aside, can be a different post so I better don't derail from 'Women Women Women".

On Sunday or Saturday, the papers did a 2 page full article on the trend that the Singapore woman has transformed into a unified group of over demanding species of their counterparts e.g. partners, boyfrens, potential bfs, husbands, whatever you call them. The Singapore woman secretly or explicitly EXPECTS the partner to pay for their dates, send them home, initiates special occasions celebrations, dresses up for special occasions, some even carry their female bags. This jolts a powerful memory of Joseph's jovial casual comment (I dare write his name cos he doesnt visit our precious blog. A subtle suan has just floated across) : A good deal means he will fetch you everywhere.

Together with the article, I have withdrawn into a period of reflecting. This is not a time for confession so I shall not comment whether I am the typical Singapore Woman but an old time fren (male) once commented that I am the rare non typical Singapore woman. I did mildly suspect whether that was a hint that he was interested in me cos he once said he was looking for a non typical Singapore woman. (see I include juicy details for my readers) Then again, a male who might be interested in the independent cum sometimes fragile new age woman in me might just be the new age lazy breed.

Back to the article, I guess the article is screaming that while it is sweet to have a gentleman at your beck and call, lets not throw appreciation out of the window. When you expect this and that, when he really does it, very likely, you will tell yourself : "okie lah, pass" and this will show all over your face. Second, while the gentlemenly gestures can be tell tale signs of something deeper, obsession in it might over shadow the other important factors of perseverance, faithfulness, honesty etc etc.

Lastly, let me share with you some secrets. As some male frens from past confide in me their BGR problems, when they shower you with gifts, woo you with flowers, confess the skies, their hearts are still not very much with that gal. Although the gal thinks that he must be really liking her a lot, he is secretly entertaining the thought of when he should opt out and go for another target. Or throughout the relationship, he did not fall in love with her.

So how ladies? Actually I also am lost, so just follow your heart and don't think so much when he has stopped paying for your shopping or stopped offering to carry your bags... Maybe I am also slightly influenced by my two old time buddies and my wise buddy at work. They are the type of women who will answer you, "Let my husband sleep. He is very tired. I can easily take taxi home." "Let him enjoy his session with his buddies. I can drive myself home." whenever you ask them "Hey why he never send you back?" Ironically, they are the same women who tells you that they are falling more in love with their husbands after marriage. Double irony, they are also the same women whose husbands bought them burberrys and LVs abroad. :P

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juls said...

actualli mebbe our bros-in-christ can answer tat question....haha but my take is tat some guys, mebbe ur guy fren is the type tat is in it for the chase, flowers, gifts, attention is so part of the equation.

they wun ever be fully committed to the person, even during the relationship, cos tat's the way they are?