Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cell Gel

Candid Mammee--..---..---

During the recent Gel, Martin asked us to share 3 things we like about cell and the reasons....

I was reminded of those times when you guys were there for me when I needed help and support. So I wanted to "extend" my list from my three. (First 3 was Birthday cakes!, Worships and Sharing of TAWG).

I want to write them down lest I forget...
-in year 2004(i think), my dad was admitted to SGH for coughing blood. I held on to a plastic box of his blood on the way to hospital (he had been coughing whole day and had collected it for the doc to see). Tuberculosis caused an infection. The bleeding couldn't stop. I was alone and very scared in the hospital, my sis was held up in a meeting. Suddenly I thought of Sandie and smsed her. She smsed a prayer back to me and I felt much better. At first the docs had problems locating the bleeding, but they finally managed to stop the bleeding by middle of the night.
-Dec 2005, I accepted Christ because of Sandie's relentless belief in me. She pursued and asked me to one of the services preached by Pastor Gerald.
-in year 2006, Laura and Sandie were there for me when I was facing personal challenges. They took time to see me, smsed me and encouraged me by buying books for me and bringing me to counseling sessions. The issues were resolved and today I enjoy a much improved relationship with my family.
Also, my Buddy at work discovered cyst in her womb. We prayed for her in cell. The cyst is no longer there the last I checked with her.
-in 2007, I was pregnant and was feeling very lethargic. I didn't attend cell or service regularly. You guys took time to call me so that I stay in the loop and kept encouraging me to return to cell. Some of you even took time to celebrate my birthday with me.

I have never attended other cells to compare. But I felt really comfortable when I first visited Y653.
I'm sure we'll multiply fast if we keep this Vibrant Atmosphere for all visitors.

Cheers x many

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Anonymous said...

This is called TCC, Trinitian Care and Connect.

When Candy was saved, I am surprised too, i think it is the 1st time that i invited her to church, and during altar call, she just went up... it is the seed that was sowed slowly over time.