Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lost in sea - Hang on to that rock - choose the right one though

No other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. —1 Corinthians 3:11

Many a times, I hear sharings during cell that one feels a sense of a lost of direction in life. Alas, I am beginning to feel thus. I feel like I am floating everyday half awake.

I am encouraged by this verse which says that Jesus foundation is the best. In my floating along the sea, I better cling onto the right rock, which is the foundation that Jesus had laid. If it sounds too chim, it probably means hanging onto all the lovely things that He promises and He believes in, which is, us. I think Jesus believes in us, otherwise He would not have died on the cross, zun boh?

P.S by the way, william is single and very available, works at HSBC, slightly cynical about the faith though. I burst out luffing when Christine sneaked up to me and asked, "eh you change bf?"


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, better cling to the right boulder for that matter of drifting around like float woodsin a flood...

Prince William reading thisblog. thot he's AnyK's potential bf too...I'm aunite, soallowed to be kpo ha ha ha..

So HSBC huh? which bank branch or the insurance dept?

Candid Mammee

YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

candid mamme,
jus wanna apologise for my spelling and spacing errors :-P

Anonymous said...

hahahhahhaha......change bf....hilarious. okie tat has officially woken me up....was super tired after major lunch.......


Anonymous said...

Who is this 8-points? i know who is 7-point, or this 7point upgrade herself yeah... lol

'Lost in sea' reminded me about a prophesy that was said to me, maybe 4yrs back when i am a new C, a pastor said to me that i am like a floating woods in the sea, too small until that nobody notice me, as i m too comfortable at my own world, do not want to explore new thingy and reminded me to walk out of my comfort zone and also be known to the world that 'i am who i am' 我是谁.

Anonymous said...

"Who Am I?!!!!!!" reminds me of Jackie Chan movie years ago when I was just a little girl...hee hee hee

now i'm candid mammmee