Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Moi Birthday Wishes

Someone spurred me into writing this post.. Wanting me to list down my birthday wishes (Not here actually), but where else I can post? Haha! So bear with me peepos.. Just a few wishes and Im done.. Dun say me "thick skin" k! Lolx! =)

1) PDA phone (Samsung Omnia or Asus P750??)
2) White Sony PSP
3) MP4 player
4) 14" laptop (Fujitsu?)
5) Reserved for entry...

Ok! That's all. Its just wishes afterall. ^^


The information contained in this post is only for information purposes. The material on this post does not constitute advice and you shall not rely on any material in this post to make any decision or take any action. Of cos, if you are to bless me with any of the above and I shall gladly accept it with much appreciation.

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Anonymous said...

Who is the one who spur on yeah??

Anonymous said...

wahh so pro..some more got disclaimer !!
candid mammee

Anonymous said...

YEAH BABY!!! The BIG question is (I can always count on Sands to ask the most penetrating question), who was the one who spurred you on? :)