Sunday, June 22, 2008

Agree with Lola


just a short one, been searching for a job for a while cos while my project is winding up, there really would not be a role for me unless i transit to china. on the other hand back in office, morale has been very low as my colleagues are increasingly frustrated with our jobs. we function as mere "professional googlers" as my colleague put it, churning out research paper after another based on just desktop research. i realli realli hate that type of work.

however for the 4 years tat i have started work, this is the worst year to be looking. i was rather frustrated, as there had been opportunities this time last year to interview with some realli good firms in the finance industry, but i turned them down cos i felt i had to see through the project.

maybe it was a bad move, as seriously, no one is recruiting like now. i even had friends retrenched in the finance sector. but i thank God that although he is making me wait, much like the verse in 2 Cor 12, where the writer said he pleaded with God 3 times, but the Lord would only say my grace is sufficient to meet your needs, he has sent many friends who have been helpful in helping me look out for jobs. even if nothing comes up, it has been very comforting to know they are there and that God is showing me that he is still in control.


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