Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nothing's too small for God to fix ! :)

~ Lola

Hi all!

i smsed several of you last night to inform you of my 'emergency' prayer request....
Here's the story....

Yesterday evening, i had an appointment with a client. After I ended, I hibernated by notebook by closing the cover. This has always worked as I had enabled this function.

I went home for dinner and 3 hours later, when I opened my notebook bag to take out my notebook, i realised it was really hot....and realised that all this while it was not shut down because there was some program in the background that needed me to click 'end task' before the computer could shut down!!

Actually, this was not the first time I have encountered this problem. My previous notebook had the same problem before, but usually after i just shut it down and rebooted, all was fine. So, initially, I thought it wasn't a big i just shut it down to reboot....

Then! I realised that it wasn't cut the long story short...i pressed the button several times, tried several different ways (pull out cable, plug in cable, take out battery, put in battery etc)....and then I prayed....
Not too long after, it suddenly came to life; I was momentarily thanking and praising God....only to see it shut down again by itself 30 secs later....then i tried and tried again...and then it came to life again! I was really happy cos i thought it was shut down by itself again, this time after 15mins....

Thereafter, I decided that it needed time to cool down....
10 hours later this morning, I was confident that it would work..but I was disappointed that it still didn't respond even after 10 hours of cooling down! I was asking God why He didn't answer my simple prayer :(

Then, I smsed you all and then brought it in for service.

Thank you for all your prayers and my last weak prayer (i prayed in my heart this morning, with whatever little faith I had left for God to revive my notebook). When it came to my turn at the counter....lo and behold! It switched on!!!!!
I described the problem to the tech staff, and told her it really didn't work for the past 12-15 hours! i even suggested ways to her how to 'not make it work' so as to prove that something was really wrong with my set...but after 10 mins waiting and waiting....we couldn't find any problem..i was just told to go home and monitor it and if it happens again, to bring it in!!
i was bewildered, yet in my heart, thanking God for the little miracle He had performed for me!

For the past 10 hours, my notebook has been well, praise the Lord!

Well, I learned a few simple lessons through this mini-ordeal:

1) Don't neglect the importance of backing up data!!! : )

2) We are like computers.....when we overwork ourselves, we can get burnt out!!! We need proper shut downs, hibernations won't work! :)

3) Never doubt the power of God to perform even the seemingly less 'significant' miracles! Nothing's too small or insignificant for Him!

4) Don't give up praying...perservere until something happens! Sometimes, God just lets us wait....

5) Encourage one another by sharing testimonies of how the Lord has answered our prayers, whether big or small!

Okay folks! That's all from me! Hope to hear from all the rest of you busy people....
Let's take time to share and encourage one another ya!?

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