Saturday, June 21, 2008

The different perceptives of listening

After some time of being Auntie Agony to some fans over the years, it suddenly struck me that women and men seem to view "The art of Listening" from slightly different angles.

When a woman lament that "Hey you don't listen to me." It NORMALLY (of course there are the stray species) means that the guy is doing something else while listening or not showing in his actions that he is listening in an emphathetic manner. Maybe he is also too quick to brush his lady off with some nice thoughtful solutions. This female perception of Listening is so widespread in books on shelf and in girlyl magazines.

Now now, when a man complains "hey you don't listen to me", it usually simply means "hey you don't do what I say or you don't obey me." Surprisingly, the male side of the art of listening is left strangely silent in the world of books.

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sheepycloud said...

you are so right about it!
ya while women means literally not listening, men means not following their "commands"