Saturday, June 21, 2008

Extra extra extraordinary camp 08

Hi hi, I have repeated my version of Camp a few times so I shall give my Popcorn version of it.

Emotional version
1. Very sad to leave camp.
2. Enjoyed frens' company very much.

Memorable moments
1. The appearance of a snake in the room
2. Prayed for a miracle to change room
3. Prayer answered and disturbed roomate to chat with me until 5 am.
4. Very ministered during one service.
5. Mixed around with different frens

Fun times
1. Played game with cell in Clement's suite.
2. Room tour and gained moral lessons.
3. Bangkok 2 day tour of shopping eating massage running
4. Chatted with roomate until 5am
5. Swam in the pool and played with Bei sq

Not so glorious but funny moments
1. Lost soccer to a group of very young boys
2. Lost Connect 4 to a kid ( I really was not concentrating keke)
3. Slammed the door and scared snake back to its den
4. Team was thrashed during volleyball
5. Hide in swimming pool
6. Bangkok team ran like mad on the last day to board bus to Cha Am
7. Trying very hard with Aileen not to listen in the private onversation (private+ juicy) of two loud TCCians on the bus.

Appreciative thoughts
1. Accomodating frens who bore it all with one and another suspected idiosyncracies (anyhw spelt)
2. TCCians who volunteered to serve in the camp. I went up to the coach champion and thanked her for serving. She was so surprised and looked very happy at my gratitude.

Spiritual take aways
1. Faith sometimes changes nothing but you.
2. Life can be a book of snapshots of moments. Make sure you take nice pics! Take an active role to weed out the ugly pics.
3. Doing it the proper way does not mean that the unexpected is not effective.

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