Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are we trapped in a system?

Today was a long day for me. I felt bullied because at 1220pm after time with my angels, I had to go for meeting which was a weekly meeting for all staff until 2pm. There was no lunch break. And I was told there was a short meeting for key personnels at 2pm. So I rushed from the canteen to the meeting which lasted until 225 pm. At 230pm, the key personnels have to chair departmental reviews until 4pm. My fellow colleague gobbled down her lunch in ten minutes but I opted to survive on chick peas which Imran kindly bought for me. Apparently, it was a wise decision to eat chick peas as halfway during the meeting, my colleague clutched my hand and said she felt like puking.. So, is this a system problem that all the meetings have to be back to back?

During the meeting, there was tension between my boss and one of the colleagues. She suggested doing away with an entire chunk of meat. My boss was saying something along the line of "stop suggesting things that are against the system because the changing of the system is beyond our control; If you cannot change the system, either you get out of it or you change yourself" My colleague then teared (she was an emotional person by nature lah).

Hmmm ....


P.S Words such as "angels" and "meat" are used to protect the sacred identity of my profession. :P

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YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

Hi Annie,
That's sad, but unfortunately, its a reality and a regular feature of the systems here now - designed to keep everyone on their toes perpetually. Seems like the management here feels insecure about its own position if pple under them have too much free time. Well, personally for me, I'm staying away from or trying to minimise the effects of these systems myself, to get a life for myself. Sorry you have had a bad day. I do hope you have a better one tomorrow. God bless. :)