Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally!!! But will it last???

Today, i'm so proud of myself...I finally made it to....THE POOL!!! Yes!! I finally dragged myself out of bed at 7am today and headed down to take a dip....I have been telling myself for weeks..almost months now...that this cannot continue any longer - I haven't been regularly exercising (and i mean once or twice weekly) for almost a year plus now!

Looking back at my healthier days not so long ago, i used to go to the gym for an hour every week, and play tennis or squash once a week....i remember how people used to comment on how fit i look. How well toned i looked ;) My mum used to comment proudly (actually even till now) to other people, that her daughter plays squash, tennis, and is so active, healthy.....Nowadays, I cringe at the sound of those words from her lips...and a feeling of slight shame creeps in. Actually now i hear more friends commenting .... 'you have been losing weight!'

Of course, my better half has been bearing the brunt of my blame for my recent lack of physical fitness. haha....what can i say.....a year plus....quite falls in line with the duration of our time together ....i tell him that it can't be any other reason....haha...So of course, needless to guess, he was also dragged in to join me for the morning exercise today....after much persuasion...or would i say, without much of a choice....:)

We did only 10 laps (3/4 of an olympic size) but i felt really good after that. It took less than 45 perspiration...That's why i always prefer swimming to running....:)

The result of the morning swim tho....was half an hour siesta in my car at the office carpark in the afternoon.....and 3 meals between swimming and dinner!! There goes all the calories!!

Anyway, at least i got myself into the pool today..i'm proud of myself.
But like all types of inertia....i need more than just one morning to make myself convinced that i can start getting fit all over again!! ;)

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Alvin said...

Jia You Lola! You can do it!