Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our God is an awesome God!!!

~ Melvin ~
Wanna give all glory due to God. Been extremely stressed out for the past week. Handled a grand total of 8 managerial calls so far since last week. For those of you who are wondering if its normal, its not!! On an average you probably get one in 2 weeks or maybe in a month. So 8 in a matter of 5 days is madness man. To make matters worst these calls that I handled are extremely unreasonable. So almost every call I get screamed at non-stop. 2 of our team leaders have resigned and 1 is down as her grandfather passed away. So only 3 of us are left to fight the fire. Hahaha I feel like fire chief now. Though I dun show it out, I am stressed out totally. Cant sleep well at night. Dint enjoy myself during the off days also. Left office on Thursday night with a heavy heart, only to know that there is managerial call pending on Monday. As I looked at it I will probably have to take up the call. As positive as I am I was unable to bring myself out. I knew I needed divine help. On Saturday during Weelin's wedding I started to request for prayers from my beloved cell members, on Saturday I was praying to God to grant me an assurance of his favour. God spoke to me during service through Pastor Gerald on the Noahic covenant. Recharged I went to work prep for the worst. Guess what!! I had the most laid working day I could ever ask for. The disputive spirit which was hovering over my office was gone. Cases were moving slowly and everything was in order. Filled with faith I entered Monday confident and God delivered me from the managerial call as my fellow TL volunteered to take over the call. Our God is an awesome God who answers all our prayers. When we cry out to Him from the pits His mighty hand lifts us up above our troubles. Psalms 34 has been evident in my life, we can have many troubles but God delivers as from them. All glory be to God!!!

On a lighter note, I have been starting a swimming routine. Making it a point to swim every weekend, at least 10 laps per swim at Yishun Safra. It’s a shout out to all who are wanting to work out. Swimming is indeed a good sport and its theraputic. Feel free to join me, since I started this routine my stiff neck problem seemed to have been cured as my muscles are not stiff due to the work out. Do join me ya :)


YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

Hey Bro,
Thats indeed a powerful testimony. It's a timely reminder to all of us to pray and renew our relationship with God everyday. Heh, even as I'm typing this comment...its raining and I got the "One Nite in Beijing song from the KTV still playing in my mind.." Gonna go read my bible on my bed on a nice rainy nite, then go to sleep. God watch after u, bro and may He bless u with a gd week. For the rest of my nite...its "One nite with the Lord, wo (2) he (3) ta (1) you (3) xu (2) duo (1) qing (1)...." :)

YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

Oops, that was me. :P

Ling Yeow

Anonymous said...

Arlowzzz ... I must say your face doesnt scream "I am very stressed" cos at the wedding, you were still blasting away with your jokes and all! I am so happy to hear that things are getting better for ya.. Jiayou! ni yi jing zuo de hen hao le!