Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How to come up with witty answers for relatives and friends?

Hi hi,

have you ever in your life found yourself in a situation in which you were running out of ideas of how to answer a concerned colleague or friend over the state of your love life (for the singles), or the rate of proposal (for the attached) or the rate of giving birth (for the married) or how smartie or nottie your kid is (for the parents)???

Hmm, today, a Mrs Soh (name protected) was trying to convince me to quickly find a guy and settle down happily ever after. After my feeble attempt at replying her, a concerned Mrs Soh went on with her advice... I believe there are many Mrs Sohs in your lives. How on earth did you respond?? I remembered my male cousin (a very handsome lad which laura's fren knew) and I brainstormed for answers. My male cousin came up with a really sombre and dark one. He suggested saying quietly to the concerned fren or relative, "My gf just passed away." A guranteed 5 sec silence would be followed by a weak apology. I told him it was too self cursing and too dark. So he downgraded to, "sigh, we just broke up. I dun wan to talk about it."




Melvin said...

Well.. for me i will usually resort to humour to solve the queries.. my very skillful changing of topics. But at the end of the day i guess honesty is the best answer. well works more me i guess. like pertaining to this kind of topics like relationship i would probably say "well, taking a breather from a previous relationship enjoying my singlehood now". well.. my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...


well, my response would often be a big wry smile...never quite answering the question...instead throwing it back to the other party, saying 'i'm waiting for you to have your 5th kid' or 'i'm waiting for you to find a gf first'...haha

But of course, if the other party continues to persist, i'll just smile and say...'i'll let you know when it happens'


just candy being candid said...

depends on those Mrs Sohs are truly concerned or just kaypohing...

if real concern then depends if you really wanna share.

if u wanna be "evil" then hit them on the soft spot....hee hee hee...ask them stg really personal and see if they can answer you. Or say stg lik "not everyone is dying to get hitched, you know?"

or you can show a REALLY black face, like i did when i was single...LOL

if u wanna be nice, then ask "why? u got somebody really perfect to intro to me huh?"

well, that's me.

Anonymous said...

candie's answer is so cool! haha..