Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cherish your gift

I thought Lola's entry reminded me of what God spoke to me during praise and worship. We all love gifts and surprises and during pnw, I was asking God for directions and I sense the words "Cherish the gift that I give you" I was very ministered as I look at my life and saw all the gifts that God has given, people that come along, family members etc.. How many times have I truly cherish God's gifts to me? Or that onli when a problem cooped up e.g. favourite wallet kana chilli sauce or frens drifted away then I start to cherish.
Feeling inspired by what God has spoken to me, I spent more time with my family. I was very happy when my parents enjoyed their first Jalan Kayu trip and also bought fish for aquarium. :)


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師奶殺手 said...

Indeed.. We are very blessed compare to others. But how many times we really thank God it? Often we take things for granted and "grumble" when things went not we wanted.

Lets take some time to look thru what God have blessed us and give thanks to Him.

All glory to our heavenly Father.