Monday, November 26, 2007

Our last cell of thankgiving for the year - 29th December 2007 Saturday!

For those of us who have not yet been informed, we will be having our last cell for the year 2007 on 29th December (Sat). It will be an informal cell but also a time for us to come together to really share from our hearts how 2007 has been and what we would like to thank God for.

TinTine have generously opened their home at Woodlands for us on this day. Tin has also verbally agreed to orientate any of us drummers-wannbes in his music room. Since the post prior to this mentioned that Mystery would like to conduct a guitar course, I am thinking of merging all these on 29th for our first session :)

Thanksgiving cell officially will start at 6pm. We shall discuss food plans during cell this Tuesday.

I am proposing those of us who would like to learn drums or guitar, let's meet earlier at 2pm at TinTine's residence. Those of you who would like to rest at home more will just meet us direct at 6pm....

This will be our last cell for the year and will be a great time of bonding and fun. So i hope that all of us will be present to come and be blessed and to bless each other :) Oh yes, i think this would be a great opportunity to also invite our oikos who would like to learn either instrument and/or just join us for a good time. They don't have to necessarily share, but I pray that our sharing will touch their hearts :)

Are you all okay with the above arrangements?
Please inform your prayer buddies and please revert indiciating your attendance and "'D" for drums and "G" for guitar :)


師奶殺手 said...

Cool! Im upz for Dolce & Gabbana. ^^v

Candid Candy said...

as i'm in confinement, will let u know nearer to the date. quite likely will be only going at 6pm if can make it.

Anonymous said...

I will be there! drums try try and guitar need to restring so see first