Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wild grass in my garden....

As i was reversing my car this morning down my car porch, i turned my head to glance at my garden...and realised that wild grass and weeds had already covered the once flat piece of carpet grass!! Some grass has grown up to almost my knee level!

It got me thinking: how come I never noticed the wildgrass has growing so wildly over the past few months?... and I also sweetly recalled my childhood days where I would sit on a little chair with my dad to pluck out the weeds every week.

To answer the first question, I guess that all this while, I have taken my garden for granted .....and taken the weekly weeding efforts of my domestic helper for granted. Every morning as i rush out to work, i seldom take a look at the the flowers and the beauty that God has created. And only now when the grass has become long and unkept has it caught my 'attention'.

I can't help but think about how, in the same way, we often take God's goodness around us for granted...our health, our families, our friendships, our work...all the good things that God has blessed us with...And only when things 'grow wild' to an attention-seeking state, does it suddenly get our attention. But by that time, is it too late?? Surely, my grass took a few months to grow wild...but i never noticed it....

Comparing with years ago when i was in Primary School...for a season every week, I would sit down and go through the at times back-aching, but yet beautiful experience of pulling out those weeds one by one, so that would stop attacking the rest of the healthy grass. Those minutes/hours forced me to appreciate my garden and at the same time, helped me to weed out regulary, things that were making my garden 'grow wild'.

It brings to my mind how i ALWAYS marvel at new buildings that seem to SPRING out of nowhere once they are completed! Does that ever marvel you? It's like the building suddenly appeared without having to be constructed over months.

Time seems to fly too fast, things often seem to happen suddenly without much notice...
Friend's children seem to grow too fast.....making me wonder where those years went to! :)

Anyway, for those wondering why on earth my garden is getting so wild .... it's because we have been procrastinating doing some landscaping :) Soon though, the wild grass will be gone, and replaced by beautiful flowers and trees once again. And hopefully, this time around, the garden will be given regular care and contstant loving attention by its owners :)

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candid candy said...

I agree with you on taking things for granted, especially things and people closest around us.

We get so busy at times that we even forgotten how to breathe properly.

It's good to just stop and breathe properly even for a while, chill and relax. So that we do not forget what's really important to us in our lives.