Friday, November 09, 2007

Don't we all love surprises?


Just like little children, even adults could do with an ocassional surprise (pleasant one, that is!) in this busy world!

Yesterday, my colleagues and I gave my boss (aka my mum;)) a surprise bbq birthday party. Running up to the day, it was really funny how she was getting anxious and a little disappointed with the seemingly lack of interest in arranging any agency get-together for her birthday (as per our annual tradition). A few of us were approached by her to find out if we needed her to block out any dates for this special celebration. Of course, we all kept very mum about the whole thing..shrugging our shoulders and giving the 'we're too busy' look.

Last week our colleague told her that he wanted her to meet his big client with him on Deepavali evening, which of course was half-truth. He does have such a client, but there was no such meeting with her that evening :) But she bought into it, thanks to my colleague's Oscar winning skills!!
She reached the condo in the colleague continued the show....brought her along an apparently 'shortcut' to get to the neighbours house, around the swimming pool, and pass a bbq pit....only to find 14 of us with our backs facing her suddenly turn around and sing the happy birthday song! The almost semi-shocked and surprised look on her face was something I haven't seen in ages....and it was indeed heart-warming to see how our efforts had not gone to waste.
She took some time to get over the moment...touched and really surprised....and then she expressed her amazement at how well all this had been kept under wraps for the past week! And kudos to our super actor colleague!

Indeed, pleasant surprises are always welcome. I know that i could have never been in my 'Oscar-winning' colleague's shoes....cos i would let the cat out of the bag within minutes! have never been somebody who could bluff with a straight face. I guess it isn't so much of the lack of acting skills, but rather, the empathy/guilt within me that would really make me feel bad tricking the person....i would call it....compassion? haa!!

I sheepingly joked with my better half after the party....'You know? Gals like surprises! How come i haven't had any surprises from you in such a long time??" , to which he had no answer......haa!

So, have you given anyone a nice surprise lately? It takes time, it takes effort...but when the surprise really succeeds in being a surprise, the effort put in more than pays off when you see the happy look on the face of the 'victim' ;)


師奶殺手 said...

Haha! I guess everyone likes surprises.. Its must be lotsa efforts put in to keep the whole thing in "secret". Especially for weeks!

Hmm.. I also long time no get surprises liao.. Wonder when will it be? Lolx!


Anonymous said...

Yeah.. surprises are like frenship onli beautiful when genuine and done with love.

I love surprises because it assures me once again the love showered by my love ones and that they cherish me, hen bei teng de gan jue.

Hee but it is easy to surprise but quite hard to really touch the person's heart. Sometimes it onli takes a simple gesture or surprise to melt you.

One of the best surprises was for my birthday. My buddy called me from US on Dec 25 and told me that she changed her honeymoon route and not going to Coach factory outlet anymore. Therefore she could not help me buy.

On my birthday, my buddies camouflaged the Coach stuff in a normal paper bag. When they took out the red packaging, which was a Coach bag and wallet, I felt my eyes welled up and I was very touched. Haha of course not cos it was Coach but by their love.


candy candid said...

surprises definitelt warms people's heart, especially when the Target is totally clueless.

while we're all busy busy busy these days, it's nice to lift someone up once in while with a surprise phone call or visit..with no strings attached...

when others feel good, so do we :-)