Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Waiting ....Being Mummy by Candid Candy

What's the longest time you've ever waited for someone? I remember waiting for a prospect for 3 hours at a coffeeshop just to "force" him to turn up...and he did.

Now as I wait for my baby to be born, there's a mix feeling of anticipation, excitment, boredom, worry, wonder...When I had Isaac and I had to go for C-section at a specific date, everyhing was planned and systematic.
Now I wait with wonder, just waiting for the signs to show up, can't plan anything far into weeks and filling my days by catching up on my reading, watching movies and serials.
The most uncomfortable part for me was not being able to move as fast as I'd like to be. Now every step makes me feel like a big pail filled with water and climbing up stairs is like dragging a 10kg of rice with me. And there's those aches and pains here and there. And also having to slow down my work activities, losing out on some in career opportunities.
A friend asked me the other day, don't I feel regret by losing out these opportunities cos sometimes opportunities come by only once (he knew my career plans this year)?
But I enjoy motherhood, it gives me a chance to be a better person, live my childhood again, and children gives unconditional love and joy. To me, no achievements can beat the feeling. That in itself is an achievement to me already.

Having this baby is a concious choice and decision me and my husband made. And I was pregnant not long after you guys prayed for me. I knew it's a gift from God, knowing many among my peers have difficulty conceiving.
So everything else can wait. After all, how many more children can we afford to have?
So I take this period of time to slow down and smell the flowers :-)
I look forward to seeing my baby's face and getting back my lifestyle again.


Sandie said...

wow.. what a wonderful mum... really proud and happy for you... take it easy Candid Candy... understand that waiting time is really a pain, JOY is coming your way...

Deuteronomy 26:11
"you shall rejoice in all the good things the LORD your God has given to you and your household"

Anonymous said...

Dear Candy,

I am so happy you shared something so real about u through this blog. I thank God for giving us this chance to communicate via technology hee ...

I always admire pregnant mothers. Ni yao Jia you! We are just a prayer away. I haven been pregnant so cannot really fully understand the pain and joy... Praying that you would have a fruitful and beautiful journey with your newborn..


Anonymous said...


wow, Candid Candy...
As i read your post, i am reminded at how there are so many things in this world which are really beyond our control.

We can 'force' our prospects to come meet us, but we can't 'force' a baby out into this world.
That's the beauty of creation and the 'smallness' of man :)

As you wait in expectation, excitement...may you be encouraged to be still before the Lord.

PS 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God;"
Take this time to really smell the flowers....once the baby comes, it might be more challenging :)

He holds the world in the palm of His hands...and i'm sure He'll see you through this beautiful pregnancy!

Let us know any time you need help. We have wonderfully trained N1-ers should you need assistance in putting your baby to sleep :P

師奶殺手 said...

Hi dear Candy! Its great to hear your "xin sheng" in this blog! We been missing you!

Do have plenty rest and we will also wait in anticipation for Issac's new sibling!

If you need any help, dun hesitate to call us.. We just a handphone away. =)