Friday, November 02, 2007


Dear NorthPolers, guess wat? Its Friday!!! The long awaited weekend is here... so what's up this weekend? any plans? I am planning to swim tomorrow... Anyone care to join me?

Mystery a.k.a Mel


Anonymous said...

wow! I would luv to join..
but i'll be out at sea.
Am leaving for Star Cruise this evening till Sunday morning.
Won't be able to join u guys for service.
Feeling a bit sian to go on board the cruise, for the 3rd time in 3 years....
oKay, better not complain ...
will bring back some of the saltwater for ya'all!

YS653 FM Say it with ... said...

Hi bro,
I can't make it, I have a maths test on 9.30am 2morrow at NTU followed by some other appts. Thxs for the invite though. :)

Anonymous said...

swimming i shy leh .. i need to buy swim suit. onli have bikini and normally swim in buddy's condo.

can ask me for other sports..


sheep said...

huh, this kinda go out activities, have to sms out or something lor, people like sheep check the blog once a month.... hahah