Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally! :)

Hiya! I finally got into the cell blog to contribute too! It's really quite a refreshing breather popping into the blog to see what has been added and how everyone is getting on. I would have wished to jump into the fun earlier if not for a mean bug invading my laptop and creating havoc. But yes, I'm better off today with a new laptop!

Since I'm on this mode of confession, I shld admit that I'm not a good multi-tasker (if you havent noticed!). Yes yes, I've observed I tend to get very absorbed in the one (ok, maybe two??) activity for the moment and it's difficult to have multiple foci in the same instance. And this seemed to be my way of life - to the rest of the world, I seemingly lead a very busy lifestyle (maybe I do too...) but it's mainly because by the time I spread everything out in the finite timespan we are alloted, not much excess is left! So, I hope you can understand (just a little bit will do!) that it can be a struggle for me to juggle work, family, friends, social/sports activities and church altogether. There's just too many things to do, isn't it!?! :) When it comes to the crunch, my solution is first-thing-first and I will put on priority the agenda that has the greatest impact subsequently.

Long story short, I figured this is why I just can't seem to find the bandwidth for cell activities in the past few months. Not to say that cell's not important but there's nothing to worry about on cell-front. This year had been a harrowing time, with huge adjustments at home and work - I can't say I've ironed out everything yet, but suffice to say, it'd been more manageable. In fact, I'm quite happy the laptop has not followed me home except for last nite this week! :) [when it does, it means more work waiting!] I don't know if it's because the rhythm is tapering for end of the year, but let's hope it's sustainable and step-by-step, I will get to see more of you! :)



candy said...

Hi Aileen

nice to "see" you here!
i haven't been to cell either. this year only 4 times i think. that's terrible.

say, are u running marathon this year?


師奶殺手 said...

Hi Aileen, its great to see you here! Well.. I have to agree its hard to juggle so many things in our life.. But we still have to try ya? Ha! See ya! ^^v

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Aileen has appeared!
Now that leaves a couple of other people who we've hardly heard - Val, Joseph, Julia, Michelle!?

hey guys where are you!?
Prayer buddies, please try to encourage them to come and be blessed :)

Aileen, yes i realised some time back that you are one of the few gals who seem to be more single-tasked :) I won't say that's all that bad, because it means you give your 100% attention, not like me on ocassions when my mind is thinking of about 100 differnet thoughts at one time!
Might lead to greying of hair very soon i guess! :o
so, i think amongst all of us, you will remain the most youthful! ;)

ha! but on a serious note, yea...hope this blog helps us all to relax a little bit after a hard days/weeks' just read some, at times cute, at times hilarious, at times sad, at times happy moments that us cell members share from our hearts !:)