Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Before I fly ...

Hello everyone,

I would be flying off for Hongkong in two hours time, decided not to sleep in case I cannot wake up. After Hongkong, I would return to Singapore for 1 day and then fly off to Bangkok again. If not for the family bkk trip, I would not have opted to go as I really miss the time to just relax in Singapore and walk the local streets without a care in the world until I feel like going back to work. But it is already a blessing to be able to go on a holiday! Please pray for safety and a fruitful trip..

I also would like to praise the person behind the new outlook of the blog. It is so in tune with Christmas with the snow falling and I really like the photo gallery idea except for one pic whereby I was wearing this orange t-shirt and all the gals look so tired.

I am all for the christmas lunch and looking forward to 29 dec... Lets play Zhong Ji Mi Ma for the gift exchange? Do you like the idea?

As for the prawn fishing, I did a crazy thing. I went to get my own rod! Ha ha ... I have already successfully pestered my best buddy to join me for prawning when I come back kekekeke ... yeah guess I am a outdoorsy person at heart..

Okie signing off le, rem to pray for me and for yourself!!!! I heard quite a lot of badnews recently. Remember to pray for divine protection k! Take care and miss you... and also those who are active and strong, look out for those who are busy like Julia, Aileen.. and also those who cannot make it for cell like Aaron (I still rem he once fessed up in cell that he would like very much to come back to God... his testimonies by his Sunday school kids really make me feel like encouraging everyone to encourage him even if he is in China) and also Michelle (who also might be busy and not able to be as regular)... candy mama, at least I know you are a happy mama now and that is realli cool! Hope to see u real soon k :) Okie I sound a bit naggy le ... going to sign off... I really love this cell group.. you guys are great... Oh yes not forgetting Christine, my lovable SP... whom I just couldnt manage to meet up for NB... :( May God bless you with the best job for ya!

Byeeeeeeeee wave wave



candid mama said...

Mushroom sista,

enjoy your hols with your family. no worries...really. everyone will be praying for you.

luv, candid mama

師奶殺手 said...

Bon voyage and have a great trip ya! Will pray for ya and also the rest in the cell.. Not da worry!

*You wanna me take down the picture? You can also remove it if ya want. Keke.. =)

See ya backie in Christmas!