Monday, December 10, 2007

Drumming workshop/ Guitar workshop

A Big all music crazy revellers out there....ever thought of picking up an instrument to play or simply hit something to vent your fustration??? ....this is it YS653 ....drums in session. No Fees.


No service charge.....

Not for the faint hearted.

individual snare drums would be provided.

oh yes and your choice of sticks too....


Able to tap your toes.

Snap your fingers.

Shake your!

ok looks like we're all set to hit our hearts out....

Venue as stated.... ***Address Deleted*** To protect the interest of family safety

Time...3pm to 6pm ....Makan session after 6pm....

1 comment:

師奶殺手 said...

Sorry Tintine. I gotta removed yr address to prevent finding pig head as supper. Ha! No la.. We will circulate it thru email k? ^^v