Sunday, December 16, 2007

hmmm....okie i hope this works eh....

dearest peeps, I MISS Y'ALL SO SO SO MUCH...... been so out of action, i am actually happy for the two weeks i am having tat i can stay in SG :) might have to fly immediately after christmas, but crossing my fingers :)

havent realli felt the impetus to post mainly cos i am a little out of tuned with wat's going on in your lives - hence also dun realli know wat to say, and many a times back in the hotel room at night, i am up to my neck clearing emails and work, and when i am back in SG, i am usually so tired, i spend a lot of time sleeping :(. Work has also been tough, with some politics and all, which is just so tiring and irritating....... To be honest, its been very diff trying to keep up at my spiritual walk,...its kinda like i knoe tat God is Lord of my life, but slowly i had begun to lose the feeling of being in love with him in my heart. It was more like i was in love with God only in my mind.....

Just a few days ago, my vision became quite blurred, immediately went to TTSH, doc said due to length of time i had been wearing contacts (11 years +) the surface of my eye became dry and uneven, leading to blurred vision. And with adequate rest and all, within 1-2 mths, the eye surface should regenerate itself with medication. I just wanna thank God for his early warning. Took some leave and all......

But more so, having some time out of all this busyness and hectic schedule, I began to force myself to start just spending time with God. I was very blessed by Lola's song when i was just reading through the blog. God has placed new friends, many non-christians and backslided christians in my life even during this time. Other old friends have become even more entrenched in their other religions, they are more and more convinced about their faith in Buddhism etc......However, some come to me and ask me to pray for them in crisis, like when they are out of job and all, and my prayer is tat God can somehow just change my heart to be back in love with him (heart-wise), so that i dun waste the opportunity that he has given me to somehow be of blessing to them.

I dunno how to as well, cos some of them have very alternative lifestyles, and i have never been one to disassociate myself from because of the things they do, but more of a passive sorta sister-in-christ. however, i feel that perhaps i could just do more, be more vocal about this God, be more excited about him, be more full of his joy that somehow something is different.......

Hoping that at least for this Christmas, a couple of my oikos will come.....will see ya'll at Christmas :)


師奶殺手 said...

Hiya Juls! So happy to see you in here and thanks for your little update!

Thank God for His protection over your eyes.. Hope its recovering well.. Im surprise you on contact lens for 11+ years!! @@!

Well.. See ya in Christmas! Cheeros!

Anonymous said...

Hi Juls!
Am really encouraged to see you leave such a long post and one straight from the heart :)

Thanks for your sharing....It's not easy to keep the faith and our spiritual life on high all the time, but I thank the Lord that we have this spiritual family which we can look to for support and accountability.

It was quite fun listening to my voice playing on the blog, and I myself was blessed as I heard myself singing :) just want to encourage all of us to keep the faith and perserve in obedience to whatever the Lord has called us to do :) (from Ps Dom's message today)

candid candy said...

Hi Juls,

very happy to hear from you!

though,like you, i've been out of action at church and cell for most part of this year, i've never felt left out by our cell group.

as for our relationship with God, i think we just have to slow down for a few minutes a day to feel his presence. he's always there....

hey, get some cool glasses soyou don't have to wear contacts all the time :-)

also, thanks for visiting me at the hospital amidst your busy schedule. i appreciate your effort.

i'm sure people around you appreciate your care-act efforts even tough you say you're a passive sis-in-christ....sometimes, action speaks louder than words.

God Bless