Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanksgiving for 2007

~Silence Sand

Thanks God for all He had done in 2007, as i am trying to recall this whole year events..

In the First half of 2007, Everything was fine, did not have any major up or down in life, life is still same old same old kind of things.

As most of u should know my birthday is in Aug, for past few yrs, before my BD i will ask God to fill my birthday with interesting things. This year BD wish turn up to be a sad story regarding my brother's case, but Thank God that it is sunlight after the rain.

From Aug until now, there are times of doubts, and struggle in my spiritual walk, as everything seems to be uncertain and fear of security had rooted in me. But I knows that God is there, I should not let go on my trust in Him. As I seek God n trust in Him, and draw strength from Him, and also thank him for whatever He had done in my life, things started to change slowly. And also thank Him for small little thing that He had favored for me like, as u know i m driving a van, finding a carpark lot at Geylang area was terrible, after going 2 rounds at the same place, but God is good, He blessed me 2 lots so that I dun need to perform parallel parking for the van, i never done it before, it will be a great challenge.

First of all, thank God for my brother salvation in Sept 2007 and secondly is my mum salvation on 23 Dec07, during Chinese Xmas drama. In the beginning of the year, I prayed and fast for my family salvation, and God answered my prayers. I believe alot of us really wanted to see our love ones to get to know Christ, please continue to pray and it will go to past.

For my mum, she had been following me to chinese service with my bro for the past 3mth or so, during the Xmas Chinese event, i asked a chinese SP to SALT my mum, I am surprised when she agreed to go forward to accept Christ as Lord. The last time, abt a mth or so, i asked her before, and she was very determined that until my brother's case is over, then she will talk about this, she will just said that it is not the right timing. But I Thank God that my mum has changed. After the service I asked her, does she knows by saying the Salvation prayer what does it meant and where is God? She told me, God is with her(PTL). And usually when she go to work, she will go to chinese altar to pray, but for the past few weeks, she did not go n pray anymore, praise God.

I am even more encourage when Laura told me that in the beginning of the year when she is praying for me, God had already planned for my family salvation.

I strongly believe that this new year 2008, will be a year fulfilment and I really looking forward to this new yr.

Let's us contiune to ASK (ASK, SEEK and KNOCK) God for His direction and plan in our life in 2008.


師奶殺手 said...

Amen! God has indeed blessed us in His way. Im very delighted when you related us the salvation of your mum! PTL!

candid mama said...

Dearest Sandie,

Though you're silent in most of your ways,I think you've got a lot of inner strength. I suppose you have always seek God togive the strength you need to handle family matters all these while.

Have Faith at all times. God does not fail us.

Have a great 2008 and thank you for saving me :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Silent Sand,
It's been really encouraging for me to witness alongside with you over the past few months, the unfolding of God's plans and greater purposes in your family.

What the Lord spoke to me in the beginning of the year for your life was that your family will experience significant breakthroughs and at the end of the year, you will look back and see that He has been good.

As i re-read it a few days ago, I just knew in my spirit that the Lord has indeed brought a great breakthrough!

I am sure your testimony has encouraged all of us to keep pressing in for our families :)