Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our Prawning Session

That is our first catch of the day! I simply love Martin's serious expression examining the prawn..keke. 30 plus prawns for 2 rods hmm not bad lah ... we will improve... We ate a lot for dinner. We had Zi cha (furong dan, vege, Kungfu Pork ribs), bbq chicken wings, satay and of course Alvin's BBQ Prawns. Suddenly, someone mentioned DURIAN and off we went to buy durian and had our little picnic at AMK. Very satisfied ... zzzzz

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師奶殺手 said...

Haha! Thanks Annie for the quick and efficient post. Now den i realised im eating kungfu pork ribs.. I thot im eating sweet and sour pork! Lolx!

Well.. Guess im the one mentioned DURIAN! Haha! During the chatting, im relating my durian buffet in Malaysia and "Bom"!, we off for durian pinic in crowded AMK..

Its an enjoyable day. Thanks peepos! If not for the rain, we would have more havest! Anyhow, we will get better next time.. =)