Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waiting..... 2nd time Mummy at last

around 14 Nov- had a weird dream, someone told me to read The Bible - Duetronomy... I awoke wondering if there was such a chapter. dismissed the dream and carried on doing some last minute preparation for baby's arrival.

17 nov - checkup at gynae... he said quite likely have to go c-section cos i'm not dilated. we were a little disappointed as I was reluctant to be under the knife again.. for some reason. was told to return for another checkup on 19 nov, 5.30pm. Went home, told the Hubby about the dream, he told me to find that chapter and read it. Tried to read it but not getting any enlightenment. so i quietly told baby to decide how he'd like to borne. Meanwhile, some friends of mine are concerned my baby was

19 nov, 5.30am - at last, i had some symptoms of labour. called gynae and went to clinic at 10am. was told to admit hospital at 10.30pm. Me and Hubby decided to spend some quality time, we went to watch Beowolf. While my Mum's was fretting at home, thinking I'll go into labour anytime.

20 Nov 12.30am - finally admitted to Thomson Medical. Contraction had started and I was gripping to the bed rail every hour when the cramps start. By the time I was at labour ward at 12pm, contraction had shorten to every 15 min. I was considering to have C-section but Hubby Alex said that I had already tolerated for more than 12 hours, we should go ahead for the birth. HE TOLD ME TO PRAY. By then, I could only call for Jesus, dunno what to pray anymore. My hubby then played a Kylie Minogue's song that i listened to for jogging. It's kind of funny cos I started "seeing " Jesus with a very sexy Kylie... lol. Then gynae came. Conversation went like this:

Gynae: oh at least now u not smiling (i was grining whenever he came to see me at the hospital, to the extent that he said i don't look like delivering baby)

Me: frowning

Nurse: Mother's in distress, dilation 3cm

Gynae: distress is good, be patient.. still long way to go. maybe afternoon.

And then he's Gone with Wind!

Me thinking ' Wa lao eh!'

When the contractions shorten to every 3mins, I was holding on to Alex's hand and the oxygen mask for life AND I remember "calling" "Jesus come" in my head.

When Nicholas was finally borne, Alex and I made a V sign. We were both very happy and exhilarated that the actual delivery was very smooth and Nicholas was healthy. It's a very special experience because we went through it together. This birth has brought Alex and I closer together.

As for the pain, it's all over after the delivery and what's left is a Little Angel from God to warm our hearts.

Still, anyone can enlighten me on Deutronomy?


師奶殺手 said...

Great post Candy! You are a strong woman! I pray God to His flood gate of heaven and pour His abundance of blessings upon this family of 4!

Anonymous said...

Yo Candy... i am a fan of your sharing... keke.. cant wait to see Nicholas..

as for deutor, hee hee, I need to read it again wor.. u free can check websites..


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!
Nicholas is such a cute boy...
Am encouraged by your sharing and how God has been faithful to you and Alex. So happy to hear how both of you have grown closer over the past year...what a difference from last year :)
God has been good to you.

Meanwhile, let us know if you need any babysitters, we have some N1 and N2 pros around..haha :)

candid mama said...

Dear all

tks for all your encouragements and blessings.

share with me Deuteronomy when u can. the whole chapter is about Moses. tks.