Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank you for praying

Dear all,

I reached home at around 145am. Just bathed. If there is a chance, I would be checking out the blog and here I am... I just want to extend my thanks to those who have been praying for my buddy's husband, Lawrence, who is warded at Changi in critical condition. I really thank God for protecting his life. He has since regained consciousness, and condition has been improving. His lungs is the critical part now. Please continue to pray that God will heal his lungs and him and also for God's love to be shown.

I came back and searched for the news and there it was, on the second page of straits times. My mum really comforted me and what she said made a lot of sense. She said that in times like this, we must keep thinking that he has recovered since God spared his life and must have the peace within our hearts that God is in control no matter what. (ting tian you ming) My buddy must also be strong and fill herself with positive thots as she needs to be a good support and as frens, we have to keep filling her with hope.

I am also very touched by your messages of assurance of prayer especially from Julia who offered to visit Lawrence on my behalf.

I would also be praying for you all.. take care...


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