Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Angel and Mortal where's my angel?

Hi everyone,

My mortal and me
I surprised myself by smsing my mortal a few times to have a good week and also told her I would not be able to make it. on the section event I also ask her about her felt need which was time management which she said was okie. and she also wished me a blessed week. I also took a photograph of a Christian postcard encouraging us to count our blessings with her name written on a small post it on the postcard and mms her.

Alvin's angel and me
Alvin's angel ask clement to pass a big packet of "Jiu Hu aka you yu aka dried cuttlefish" to me to pass to alvin. So sweet right? But But But I haven got a chance to see alvin and tada! the Jiu Hu is still in my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

My Angel and me
Nothing leh ... angel wru?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

poor anyk..i understand....
my angel also never worked :(
the only thing she did was to send a 'sms dedication' that friday evening to tell me that she didn't know until THAT DAY that she was my angel..but she said, don't worry...i will be expecting to hear from her....
but one week has come and gone...still no news....sniff sniff...