Monday, July 28, 2008


~ Aileen

I got a new friend on Saturday :)
Meet Christopher, my guitar :) [yes, Melvin-I can hear you laughing away]
No, havent got a pic of it yet but I can assure you it looks great, to me!
So, I brought my previous guitar down to Parklane on Sat..thinking I'll get it set-up properly so that i can try tinklin w it again. Though I must confess I was hoping I can find a shop which'll allow me to trade-in for a new one...lo and behold, I did! Thankfully, Melvin had kindly offered to go down w me and a divine help in shortlisting/selecting a new guitar. :)
And calluses wld be the next best thing I hope for on my fingers, so that I can play longer and maybe better :) I had gone for lessons some years ago, and amazingly can recall some simple chords.
Well, I figured giving a name to the instrument wld increase sense of ownership and perhaps practise time - so after much deliberation, it's Christopher! you bet it's better choice than Tommy huh? [ok, now I think Julia prob has some things to say...hahah]


Anonymous said...

yeah! that's fantastic, at least one of us aspiring guitarists did something about it. Has it got anything to do with faith goal?

Christopher is a nice name, reminds me of Christopher why Christopher?

Candid Mammee :-)

Anonymous said...

yah Juls was about to say something...hahahha......tat's not a substitute for a living breathing human being ok?

Aileen said...

Admittedly, I have no idea why Christopher too. Shujuan suggested Tom and I modified to Tommy but it didnt seem right. So when Christopher struck me, I thot "that's it!". The closest association I came to, was Christopher who's the boy owning Winnie the Pooh and I thought he's one cool boy :)

hahaha. ok. but is it ok if I spent the last few moments before bed with it?? ;)

Anonymous said...


i totally agree with u..but guitar shape quite close to

candid mammee

Anonymous said...

hahah! Ail, i'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
way to go, now we have another guitarist for cell!! hahaa! :)

Anyway, yes, i owe you chords to a song...shall post it shortly if i can find :)