Monday, July 14, 2008

Just saying..

Candid Mammee says.....

Finally I can post! And on my birthday too! Alex changed the faulty keyboard. Looks like anyk's rating system worked! And she gave me a 9 for Consisitencies!! I am guilty for not having been "around" for some time...but I still am...

I wonder is it me or something else, I recently told lola and sands about my choice in stepping down from management to focus on my personal sales and family. I even illustrated that alas, life to me now is like a big spreeaad of buffet, so much good stiff and yet so little time and energy. So I can't be too greedy to eat them all, just choose my favourites on my plate. So I've decided, here's my choice: God, Family, Health, My clients, friends and one hobby.

Anyone wanna guess what's my hobby? I'll give a gift for the FIRST one to be correct! (serious)

Anyway, since I'm writing this on my birthday and I always count my blessing like they're jewels, here's my list of blessings(big and small):

Thank God for :
1 giving me good health to enjoy quality life
2 cute and adorable kids, loving husband, caring mum, helpful helper and smart assistant
3 wonderful cellmates for always being there though i sometimes am
4 a home and shelter of my own, so I didn't have to live in someone else's
5 clients who are like friends and friends who are my clients and become better friends
6Birthday smses received today

Can I wish for:
+Spiritual growth , salvation of my family and baptism?
+weight loss of 5kg?
+World peace, less selfish politicians, no more ERPS, poor people to be fed, no more crazy weathers and insect attacks, children to be saved

Happy Birthday


Sandie said...
Happy Blessed birthday...
Yeah sometimes we need to propritise our life because all those happening things surrounded in our life...
I must start planning for my birthday wishes for next

Let me guess your HOBBY:
- Doing community work
- Play guitar or golf

Are these 2 corrects?

Anonymous said...

"Blessed birthday Candy!"
We are so blessed to have you in our cell...your punctuality, enthusiasm and positive spirit has blessed us in different ways.
May God continue to reveal Himself to you in this coming year as you seek Him! And I pray God's protection and favour and unity within your entire family!!

Meanwhile, guessing your hobby..?
hmmm..that's a really tough one le....need to pray for word from

is it-
1. Sewing
2. Reading books?

can't think of much sorrry!

Anonymous said...


happy birthday! According to my colleague, birthday celebrations are for a month..woohoo so still not yet belated (lame)

okie okie but i always am so happy to see ya candie mama .. hugs hugs and i guess your hobby is running lor..

eh ..

Anonymous said...

Candied Mammee..

looks like my secret hobby remained a secret so far...only those who knew me in primary school will know...or my primary school teachers will know...LOL

thanks for your blessings on my 33rd birthday