Thursday, July 10, 2008

Support? What kind of Support!?

haha, it was another entertaining read of anyk's blogs...although at the same time i was also wondering why she didn't return my call 2x in a row....*hmph!*;p

Can't help but grin while i was reading her blogs...and it certainly helped to lift off some steam which initially triggered me to come to the blog to AIR my irritation....thanks Anyk.

So what happened? Here's my story.....

I have been a loyal user of one of my pda's software for the past 3-4 years, and each time there is an upgrade, I try to upgrade wherever possible. There was recently a new release of version 8 software. And because i purchased version 7 last October, i qualified for a free upgrade to version 8. So 2 weeks ago, i happily went to the website, followed whatever instructions that were there, and downloaded v8 into my pda! The instructions clearly stated that I just had to use my existing 29-digit registration key to register this new software and it would work!!

Wa la! When i installed it onto my pda and tried to register, it didn't work! And so started by 14 day trial period on this software!

This was just the start of the frustration...never in my LIFE have i ever met such horrible tech support!! I emailed out my query and asked for help. I didn't hear from anybody for 1 week. Upon my reminder to my email, the reply i got was:

"You can upgrade using the product pages on our main web site"
- Support

That was all!!?? That was the reply i got to my several lines of thought-out questions, to help them understand my problem so that they could help me.....!?

Irritation and abit of anger rose up on the inside as i read the reply. Especially from a company of which i had held in high regard for producing such a powerful software.....

Trying my best not to sound hostile and sarcastic, i reduced my reply to a milder-that-intended one:

Dear Support,

I have been waiting for a reply, and would certainly appreciate a more
detailed and helpful reply from you.

Please read my initial problem and I really hope you can put in some
time to assist.

Thinking that my reply would have at least triggered some form of guilt on the other end....i was sorely disappointed. A second reply just came in:

"Yes, did you put some time in going to our web site and looking for the upgrade instructions?
- Support"

I nearly wanted to strangle that person!!!! Seriously!!! Gosh...

well, frustrated, i just copied and pasted some information which I got from their website and left off saying that i wouldn't have requested for assistance if i had found the information on the website....

Anyway, i just decided after that last email, to go figure it out again....
And thank God i DID manage to figure it out. Nonetheless, i just couldn't help but seem to hear a sarcastic voice somewhere over the other side of the world saying "See...I told you to check our website...!"


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Anonymous said...

Anyk: I seriously seriously can identify with your feelings of frustration over service SUPPORT. I shall not name names lest I be sued in court. Nowadays we need to blog with care. Wink.

Secondly, yes yes, I was kind of overwhelmed with guilt that I did not return your calls. The reason is that i dun have the answer to your questions. That is my reason which does not disclaim me from not getting back to you. I should have text you and tell you that I am not available and that I cannot confirmed the reply so that you will not be left wondering. Very often, I skipped the last step and tell myself will get back to her once I have the answer. This is a BAD HABIT. Children looking at this blog should not follow.

Still waiting for my vendor to knock off so that I can return a huge favour.