Monday, July 21, 2008

good point candie mammee. actually i can identify with what Ps Wil said. When the stress level in my life is high, basically trying to achieve much at work and life (with little sleep), I am usually short-tempered, and little things make me irritated.

However, in recent weeks, as my amount of work has been reduced as I am in the transition period to a new project, life has been stress-free, and I notice that I am a lot more patient, joyful, at peace, and not easily irritated or angered. Although on the work front it has been less than fulfilling, I thank God for his peace, to know that agreeing with Ps Wil does not mean that I settle to be a mediocre person, but that I am able to do great things to him by full reliance on his strength.

This period has been very different compared to other periods when I was searching for a job. Although I do not yet see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel a lot more at peace and hopeful compared to other times. By God's grace.

I recently started reading this book by Joel Osteen, called "Your New Life Now" or something like that, given to me by my mum. It really elicited a paradigm shift in the way I view my life. In short, it really brings to life what it means to have "audacious faith", that since we are Children of the Most High God, we are no worse off but instead tons better off than non-Christians out there. In fact, I have had my staunch non-Christian gf come to me to download work struggles, and when I took time to share and tell her I'll keep her in prayer, I could sense that she was thankful. It's a great testimony, cos I have never really dared to broach christianity to her b4 cos she's like really staunch and all....but I thank God that he's given me divine peace in this period to be able to bless her too!

~ the one who got 7 points.....cos cannot write real name ma

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candid mammee:

good to see u more at our cell blog, 7points!

I'm reading this book "Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity" by Kenneth E Hagin. He talks about being rich not necessarily means being a millionaire. Being "rich" means being in full supply of whatever you need.
He also mentioned Isaiah 1:19," If you are willing AND obedient, you will eat the best from the land" for thought