Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Multiply

Candid Mammee laments.....

First, let me say that whoever came up with the idea of smsing Bible verses is great! Sometimes the verses speak to my heart and remind me to be positive. They're especially effective when we don't hear much good news in the media these days.

Secondly, about our cell multiplying....(multiply always sound like we're some sort of bacteria multiplying and mutating into something else). I don't know how the rest of you feel. I have mixed feelings.
I remember when I first joined in Dec 2005, we were small and Alvin was THE ONLY guy. He got ALL the attention in those days. I am happy that we have more cell members now, it means more souls are saved and more will be saved.
Frankly, I regret to say that I really haven't grown to know much about the Bible from then and now. I will work harder.
However, I see how much Silence Sands has grown in Christianity. How she overcomes her challenges with her faith in God these few years has been an inspiration to me. And now she's going to lead a cell! I am truly proud of her.
Then again, I will miss many of you.....
Nevertheless, I believe God will be happy that we're multiplying and that we'll continue to do so.

So, you see, I'm really having mixed feelings.


Chipmunks said...

You are?

Anonymous said...

already said, Martin lah. right at the bottom..

candid mammee

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry, dunno how to delete previous comment. sorry chipmunks.

candid mammee