Friday, July 04, 2008

Grey Choices

Feeling slightly vexed, I decided to blog. Life is filled with choices. Recently heard over the pulpit that life is actually very simple. Good choices = Positive Outcomes. Bad choices = negative outcomes E.g. Smoke = High cancer risk or Exercise = Healthier

But what about grey choices? Choices that have pros and cons. Choices that don't really involve moral values. E.g.Colour the picture blue or yellow. Yellow will make readers feel cheery but blue will make readers feel peaceful and the objective of it all is just to make readers feel good.

Anyway enough about choices, last weekend, I spent it overnight with my two good frens sm and Hy at sm house as sm husband is away. I felt like i was transported back into sec school days. It was such a fantastic time chatting till we fell asleep and eat high tea and shop the next day and continue to chat till I fell asleep.

My thoughts are random now. Thinking back my uni days, the hostel crazy days seem so distant and nostalgic. Was that me? Choose to stay hostel = make frens Choose to stay hostel = more distant with family

I guess ultimately most choices can be both good and bad with both positive and negative outcomes depending on how you look at it. I hope I can intoxicate myself with thinking about positive outcomes till one day. One blue day, where the snowball of possible outcomes accumulate into a ball named Regret and I can then bravely throw it away like in a snow fight.

Sm was my fav roomate and still is.

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