Saturday, July 12, 2008


wah this anyk, give me 7 points,.....must buck up :)

anyway, just some ramblings....have been physically very tired and weak recently, for no particular reason. some more i get my 7hrs of sleep a night, plus there is absolutely no stress at work. add to that a seemingly perpetual urge to eat. i should see a doc which i have been putting off :P

hmm.....its interesting, recently i have been entertaining the possibility of going into institutional sales and trading. I've never realli fancied myself as a sales person, but in recent weeks as i jio-jio different friends in the finance industry to pick their brains, some have been helpful, others realli see who are the "good times friends". Told my friend, I'll bochup, continue to jio the unresponsive ones cos if i want to be in sales, better learn how to grovel. :P Jokes aside, just wanted to say Lola's a great inspiration of a great salesperson, the only one I have met thus far who has shown me its possible to be a strong testimony for God even in the schmoozy world of sales.

jokes aside, I just read this article on christianitytoday, which talked about submissive prayer:, where the author talked about moving from knowledge of God to struggle and obedience even when God's answer to our most fervent prayer is "NO".

heh, oh well, pls do pray for my physical health, not too sure why, but just feeling realli weak and tired most times.

~ ze one who got 7 points.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, i think 7 points is pretty above average, compared to many other people in the list!!

Anyway, Juls, it was really nice to see you again on Friday! Your presence has been missed in cell!

You know, in the recent years, I came to realise how difficult it is to make big life decisions...
To define big, I would refer to decisions like:
1) Career switch
2) Finding life partner
3) Purchasing a home

All of which happened to me and/or Isaac these past 2 yrs.

And as I have been talking to Jul over the past ocassions, as you have been sharing your decision to move/change career, I can really feel how difficult it must be to make this decision.

Life's biggest decisions can often cause us the most amt of stress, well at least for me...who thinks a lot a lot :)
Since my other half doesn't read this blog, i can say this....the decision for me to say 'Yes' to him took quite a long while...and I went through a period of 'stress' as I pondered and thought about the decision....whether he was the one...whether I was ready, amongst numerous other questions and issues...I guess I just wanted to be really sure in my heart, mind and in my spirit.

For a person like me who thinks a lot (eg. I will think of implications in the many years to come when it comes to big decisions that i need to make!), such decisions can cause a lot of greying of hair and physical/mental tiredness, which might explain, Jul, your tiredness.

Well, at the end of the day, what I can say is...we can think all that we can, ask around...but ultimately the decision lies with us, and the COURAGE to make that decision is also left to us.

So, Jul, just to encourage the Lord on your heart's desires, and wait upon Him for the peace to move on to where you want to go....
Somehow, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, there will be a time when an alignment will come, where you will feel the peace of God in the decision that you make :)

Go where you feel your heart and passion lies, and tell the Lord, like what Moses said: "If your presence does not go with me, do not send me..."Ex 33:15

As children of God, He SHALL grant us the favour wherever we go, as long as seek after Him with all of our heart.

As for me...I don't think that I'm that great an inspiration la...*Shy*...

I have come to realise that life is really all about making choices...very often difficult ones.
We can give different reasons or excuses for choices that we don't make or make, but ultimately, God knows our hearts and that's all that matters :)Like wat P Dom shared this weekend, only us (and God!) know the motivations of our hearts...
Hard choices are always a challenge, but when we are able to make hard choices for God, that's when it stretches us to become more like Christ, and we grow stronger spiritually...:)

~thoughts from the one who scored 10 :)

YS653 FM Say it with ... said...


I agreed with Lola that Career switch is a BIG decision to make. It is a choice that we need to make, and God answer is always Yes, No or wait.

As usual Praying and talking to God whether I should take up the new job. Sometimes, no answer from Him, irriated me.

Few night back, i am reading my DISC analyst report, and I am a 'S' person, someone who had difficulty making decision.... It is true, sometimes i got problem making decision, sometimes i like to please everyone, but matter of fact, it is impossible to pls all .. Sometimes my prayer to God is to close door if this is not the plan He had for me... So that i will not need to make difficult decisions ... haha..

As for myself a new job coming the way, there are still some degree of fears and uncertainty,
- I am not sure what will happen, whether i can click with new colleagues,
- whether my boss like me, although i got no PR issues. I think my new boss like me, if not he will not employ me..;P
- how will be the job scope like, will i require to work OT lot, which will affect my family and chuch life, need to re-arrange my schedule.
- i need to start all over again.... etc

As for now, i cannot tell whether my decision is correct (after taking up the offer last fri) or not as there are some worries in me, especially regarding my niece, for her well being, her study etc but God is opening door, as my angel pass me a tuition agency contact, so i can get her a tuition teacher and also to make sure that someone is at home at night to take care of her, as she needs alot of Quality Time. And also I will miss cell or lcell.

Other than this, i need to make arrangement with my mum, sis-in-law to ensure about this, as my new job required me to travel...

Another area which affect your decision in workplace is, the peer colleagus around u played an impt role, usually is the people around that you do not want to depart, as you have built up the relation for the past years, at this point.

YOU still need to make the decision which is life changing.

It is easy to just say pray and hear from God, but sometimes there are no response from God leh so how?

Everyone heard from God diffently, so my way of isolating/filtering choices might not applied to you.

~ Hope that my score will increase yeah...

Anonymous said...

Something lame ...

Chuan dao qiao dou, Shen hui rang yi qie bian zhi translated into when your boat reaches the bridge, God will make your path straight.

how about ... trust God and not lean on your own understanding translated into "whats very important to you might not be really very important after all" or how about if i trust my spouse, if someone tell me he betray me, I will still give him the benefit of the doubt. Or when I trust my fren with a secret, I am believing in her that she will not betray me and will do the right thing. Therefore when we trust God, when the going gets tough and fuzzy, we still give the benefit of doubt that He is doing the right thing after all ...

Say is say lah. Few days ago, I was having a tough time in work. I cried and cried over the phone with my colleague who is a very steadfast christian. After tat, I felt a lot better as she turn my perspective to God and encouraged me to do what is right in God's way and not in any other way. She also assured me that I am what I am because God has entrusted me with certain characteristics to be the way I needed to be.

Last week , I also cried my heart out and it was to Clement. He would always just listen and point my perspective back to God. I felt better.

In a nutshell, ultimately the most analytical fren can paint the most analytical and accurate picture for you but you will still not know what to do. But the best advice is always to convince you and convict you to look to the higher One who create you to fit into that big picture. Maybe I cant see the big picture now but I trust that I am a jigsaw piece.

Enough ramblings ... I should pray too :P