Friday, July 04, 2008

Calculating happiness

If happiness is a calculation of postive and negative things, is my day happy or not so?

Happy is +
Not so happy is -

+ I think my children are very cute
+ The exhibition booth looks rather nice
+ I saw former colleagues at exhibition booth
+ C made a surprise visit at the booth
+ My colleagues were so nice to agree to help out at the booth
+ My mother cooked fried pork balls
+ My father and sister said my fried pork balls were nicer
+ I enjoy both 7 and 9 pm show
+ Work was smooth

- My obese boy was sad I gave him health education on not eating too much chocolate.
- I am very tired now
- I am falling sick now
- C has to attend classes 3 times this week
- My colleagues were tired
- My mother might be sad my fried pork balls are nicer
- China sea has algae
- My feet is sore from the standing
- Another project might not be complete on time
- More work not done

My 9 pm show is starting. Byeee. One thing i realised is that it is easy to stop blogging about the + but once u start blogging the -, it is like a sinking feeling... a sadistic good but negative feeling. Good that the show saved me from going on about my minus. Hope you too will snap out if you are counting the minus and cant stop .. Byeeeeee

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