Friday, July 04, 2008

It is only 840pm

I made a mistake. It is not 9pm. But its alright. It has snapped me out of the minus ( follow my previous post).

I am so boh liao that I have decided to mark ATTENDANCE. Since I am way too tired to go out now I may as well type some nonsense

Full marks 10

LOLA 10 (steadfast)
Chipmunks 11 (1 mark more for upkeeping)
Sheepy 8 (saved by recent comments)
Candid Mamee 9 (consistent)
Aileen 1 (1 pt for 1 post)
Sandie 2
Martin 2 ( 1 post but 1 pt higher as he explained their PC is very slow)
Christine 3 (1 more pt for being my buddy. My style is relationship management)
Joseph 0
Michelle 0
Lingyeow 5 (rem he drew some cartoons? huge project)
Melvin 5 (rem his very funny video clips?)
June 0
James 0
Charlene 0
Julia 7 (some posts some comments but marks deducted for inconsistency)

Did I miss out anyone? Disclaimer: The above points are meant for comic relief.

I am so tired now that I feel like sleeping. Maybe no 9pm show for me after all.



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